Mitotyping Technologies - The clear choice for forensic mitochondrial DNA and STR analysis featuring 72-hour turnaround time for DNA identification of human remains.


We recover mtDNA from over 95.5% of hairs.

Please see our January 2005 publication in Journal of Forensic Sciences about our five years of casework experience with hair analysis. Our protocols for working with degraded DNA give us a superior recovery rate for mtDNA in challenged samples.

What We Do
Mitotyping Technologies has extensive experience with the difficult samples often encountered in DNA testing, such as naturally shed hairs (telogen roots), hair fragments, and aged or burned skeletal material. We also offer an "ancient DNA analysis" for the most difficult samples where the mtDNA is degraded. We process each sample in our care individually from the start to the conclusion of the analysis. This gives us the opportunity to deal with the specific handling requirements of each sample, especially if it is degraded or minimal. We will never batch your sample with others, meaning that the level of protection from cross-contamination is extremely high.

Because mitochondrial DNA analysis is our special strength, we are focused on addressing current issues in the field such as contamination, heteroplasmy, and population genetics. We also have extensive experience in the courtroom in both admissibility hearings and trials.

We have been accredited by ASCLD/LAB since 2001, and are permitted in the area of forensic identity by the New York State Department of Health.


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Mitotyping Technologies - The clear choice for forensic mitochondrial DNA and STR analysis.