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Mitochondrial DNA testing from a Mitotyping case, U.S. v. Beverly, was reviewed by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The science of mitochondrial DNA testing was upheld. This is the only federal appellate decision concerning mitochondrial DNA published to date.

Outlaw Wild Bill Longley twice cheated the noose, but popular Texas folklore that he got away a third time is proved wrong with help from Mitotyping Technologies.



Our clients have many different and sometimes unique needs.

Legal clients are interested in courtroom testimony and the history of mtDNA in the criminal justice system in the United States, including legal precedents.  Whether prosecutors or defense attorneys are using this technology, we are committed to their education.
Law enforcement clients want to know about how to select evidence for testing.  Our extensive experience in handling all types of samples, from 2 mm hairs to very compromised skeletal remains, means that we can help these clients structure and plan their testing of crucial evidence.
All clients want to know about the advantages and limitations of mitochondrial DNA analysis, especially courtroom outcomes, since its use is relatively new and its characteristics compared to nuclear DNA (STR analysis) are substantially different.
For the basic biology and testing of mitochondrial DNA, we recommend Mitochondrial DNA Basics.  For some specific aids for the legal and law enforcement communities, please follow our links in this section.
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Mitotyping Technologies - The clear choice for forensic mitochondrial DNA and STR analysis.