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The Mitotyping Mission Statement

The core mission of Mitotyping Technologies is to use our scientific knowledge, training, and experience to help families and individuals resolve questions of identity and to support the criminal justice system in its search for the truth through the use of forensic DNA typing methods.

This mission is based on four guiding goals or principles:

Our service will be rendered with fairness and impartiality because of the availability of science-based knowledge.

Our DNA testing will be of superior quality, with methods and interpretation based on current scientific knowledge and state-of-the-art practice.

We will make a research contribution to the field of DNA forensics, no matter how small, on an ongoing basis.

We will educate our clients and the general public whenever possible about what we do.


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Recent News:

SoftGenetics purchases Assets of Mitotyping Technologies, promising return to singular focus on leading edge service and technology.

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Yeti project Completed!

It wasn’t human but it was fun! Proceedings of Royal Society B. Thanks to Dr. Bryan Sykes for asking us to participate.



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