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The ability to identify the species of origin is useful in poaching cases, product contamination cases, animal abuse cases, and CITES investigations.


Mitotyping Technologies is able to determine the species of origin from virtually any tissue, bone, hair, or secretion. Our method, DNA sequencing of the short fragment of a 12S ribosomal mitochondrial DNA gene, is described in this article: "Nondestructive DNA extraction method for mitochondrial DNA analyses of museum specimens" and the article is from BioTechniques 36:814-821 (May 2004).


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SoftGenetics purchases Assets of Mitotyping Technologies, promising return to singular focus on leading edge service and technology.

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Yeti project Completed!

It wasn’t human but it was fun! Proceedings of Royal Society B. Thanks to Dr. Bryan Sykes for asking us to participate.



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