Security and Confidentiality

Laboratory Security
The company maintains high levels of security at all times while carrying out its mission of providing impartial forensic testing to law enforcement, the legal profession and its clients, and private individuals. Mitotyping provides a secure office suite for the analysis of forensic casework samples that includes 24 hour limited access and outside security monitoring.

Chain of Custody
All evidence samples and current casework laboratory documentation are locked in the evidence room. Evidence samples are stored in locked refrigerators and freezers in the evidence room. All samples remaining from completed case work, including remaining evidentiary material and DNA extraction products, will be returned to the requesting agency or individual at the conclusion of a case unless the client gives instructions to destroy any remaining samples. Dormant case files are locked in fire-resistant cabinets.

Our Policy on Visitors and Observers
Mitotyping Technologies does not allow any visitors to the facility while unaccompanied by an employee. Observation of testing will not be permitted unless special permission is obtained in advance. No visitors will be allowed in the laboratory area at any time whatsoever. All visitors are required to sign in and out on the Visitor’s Log.

Press Relations
Company policy on discussing active or past casework with individuals outside the company is as follows: cases will be discussed only with the individual who has submitted, and is paying for, the case. Other individuals must obtain permission from those submitting agencies or individuals to enter into any communication with Mitotyping Technologies. Company policy permits analysts, not technicians, to communicate casework information. Press or other inquiries will be dealt with by explaining the company policy above. Only the COO will communicate with the press about general informational topics.