Submitting a case

We encourage our clients to telephone or email us with the specifics of their cases. We can steer you towards appropriate evidence selection, from the most probative samples to the correct choice when alternative but similar samples are available. We will help our clients to allocate their usually limited financial resources for the most sound and supportable outcomes in testing.

One of our primary goals is education of the criminal justice community, and casework analysis includes unlimited telephone consultation about the basic science, and advantages and limitations of mitochondrial DNA analysis, both generally and in a specific case.

We are easy to reach by telephone at (814) 861-0676 or email: You will not encounter voice messaging: a live person always picks up the phone during our business hours!

Note regarding mitochondrial DNA analysis:
Always ask your current mtDNA analysis provider what percentage of tested hairs and bones yield results in their hands. We currently obtain results in well over 90% of cases because we apply methods specifically designed to recover minimal and degraded mitochondrial DNA.

Individual sample handling, which greatly increases the likelihood of DNA recovery, is necessary in a mtDNA laboratory.

If you are interested in submitting a case, please contact us for more information.